About The Diaspora University

The Diaspora University aims to provide a framework for migrant groups and individuals and other interested institutions to offer courses which are either directed at migrant groups or make use of the knowledge and experience of migrants (and related institutions) to offer courses to participants in their countries of origin as well as to a broader international audience.Many highly talented people work abroad, often far below the level of what they could offer to society (in home and host countries). We do see here an important source of education, - not only in English and other “Northern” languages, but also in the languages of their home countries. They could offer programmes with more local content, examples, and metaphors, which “Northern” institutions could not. They could also translate, adapt and supervise existing programmes and offer them online to students in their region of origin, where these online programmes could supplement existing educational opportunities. Migrants could also be the students in such programs. Many migrants cannot follow a normal curriculum in the host country because of work, family obligations or other obstacles. But they may be able to participate in online programmes, which could help them to integrate in the host country. 

The Diaspora University is an initiative by Tine Davids, Gerd Junne and Marianne Marchand.   


The Network University

The Network UniversityThe Diaspora University is an initiative by The Network University , a Dutch foundation that facilitates innovative learning and capacity building for a global network of professionals, students, non-profit organizations, agencies and networks, specializing in creating e-tools for education and networking in the field of development.

To read more about The Network University, the courses it offers and news about recent projects, please visit the website: www.netuni.nl