The Diaspora University

Global diasporaThe Diaspora University aims to provide a framework for migrant groups and individuals and other interested institutions to provide courses which are either directed at migrant groups or make use of the knowledge and experience of migrants (and related institutions) to offer courses to participants in their countries of origin as well as to a broader international audience.

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Our Audience

Audience of the Diaspora University will be members of migrant communities who want to pursue their education, people who envisage migration and want to inform themselves about the situation in countries of destination, and people in the countries or origin of migration who could benefit from the knowledge that migrants have obtained.

Our Courses

 Lebanese diasporaCourses of the Diaspora University will cover subjects of interest to migrant communities and all individuals and institutions which have to deal with matters of migration.


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The Network University

The Network UniversityThe Network University facilitates innovative learning and capacity building for a global network of professionals, students, non-profit organizations, agencies and networks, specializing in creating e-tools for education and networking in the field of development.

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